I’m ready for you to warm your way into my heart. <3

Happy August yaw. 

Excuse my sore triple helix.


Actions speak louder than words. What happens when too many words are spoken, but not enough action is taken place? I am all too familiar with the pattern. Never knowing what to say, when the best thing to say is nothing at all. Never knowing what to do, when the best thing to do was to do something, anything at all. Running ahead of you so that I may feel secure with our love, when the best thing to do was run by your side. Seeking the unknown negatives, when I should have been seeking your love. Everyone tells me to get over it, to move on, to forget you, because I can find better. What happens when I truly think you are my better? You’ve moved on, and I will too - so I’d like to think I will. If I do, I know now what to do for the next one that may come my way. I will love her no matter what arises. I will speak when it’s only necessary, and I will act when action is not only necessary,but wanted. I will not follow her trail, nor will I run in front of her, but instead I will learn to run WITH her. I will not seek out negativity, but instead seek her love. I will love again one day, maybe later than sooner. In the mean time, I’d like to thank you for showing me the way. Have a peaceful life, as I will learn to with mine. I will become better, if that’s any consolidation to you; whether it is for you, or for another beautiful woman.

May we forever rest this date inside this text. 090611.

Sometimes, all you can do is smile - even in times of turmoil.

For Maria Natalia Lopez